Wedding with style!!!

Beautiful wedding of Jarrod and Kirsten at Immerse Winery in the Yarra Valley, Victoria Australia.
Filming & Edit; Paul Cousins, H2O Imagery,
Additional stills; Kim Cartmell, Kim Cartmell Photography,

Back in Sweden!!!

Classic Viby Village, Sweden

Sunset fun, Gröna-Lund, Stockholm, Sweden

Sunset fun, summer 2013, Stockholm Sweden

H2O Imagery is happily back in Stockholm working on a few upcoming projects!!!

Luckily it’s also summer here just now, with sunrise at 4.15am and sunset at 10.15pm, there
are plenty of daylight hours to go an capture more beauty of this beautiful part of the

Stay tuned for more images/clips coming shortly!!!

ISAF Sailing World Cup – Kiteboarding Melbourne 2012

This is the first appearance of kiteboarding within the ISAF Sailing World Cup.
The Melbourne regatta saw some amazing action, with kiteboards not only being the largest of all fleets, but also the only ones able to race in all conditions throughout the week, from virtually no wind up to 40 knots.

Get excited about this new high performance class – apparent wind sailing at it’s best.
Music Track “Shadow on the Sun”
Artist “Deya Dova”
Filming & Edit
H20 Imagery

Family holidays can be rad!!!

Just ask father daughter combo Jess & Jeremy, two Australian kiteboarders who went on an international kiteboarding holiday together…

Kiteboarding Mauritius with Jess & Jeremy from H2O Imagery on Vimeo.

And by the looks of it had a fantastic time!!!! H2O Imagery was there to capture the magic of the trip and were blown away by how much fun these two could fit into just two weeks, incredible!!!!

Well done guys!

It’s all about having fun…

And this guy surely proved that!!!

Getting out there and giving it a go is a big step, so big ups to Craig for pushing himself to improve to the next level, riding for hours and hours day after day, always on hand with beers, laughter and or fireworks to share with the world.

Great work Craig!!!

More than just a holiday…

For Chris, it was a life changing trip, and not just because of the new friends he made or the new skills he learned, but what he learnt about himself…

Chris Epstein Mauritius from H2O Imagery on Vimeo.

For his entire stay, Chris was the guy who’d always make you laugh, offer you a beer and was always happy just being!!! These type of people are truly a blessing, so much fun to film and hang with, I was lucky to benefit from his positivity & for that, I’m grateful!!!

Cheers Chrisso!!


Is without doubt one of the coolest city’s in the world & in the summertime, it truly comes alive!!!
So lucky to be here right now, meeting amazing people, seeing incredible things and of course filming as much as I can along the way!

Trans atlantic vacation… not really, just some stills

Awhile back I started adding some of my favourite stills to a website for people to use how they so choose… here’s the link

Recently I’ve really enjoyed doing some panoramas, there’s can be so much going on all in the one frame.
It feels like it fits better with “normal” vision, in that the peripheral information is still there… so nice!!!!

Ian Ausden – Mauritius

Ian’s one of those guys who’s always up for a surf or a kite or a hike or whatever, so when he told me he was coming to Mauritius I was genuinely stoked! I love it when people really go for it, and Ian’s not one to hold back, back down or shy away from a challenge, you’ve gotta respect that.

We got heaps of filming done, would of been nice to do more in some of the bigger swells from the boat, unfortunately that didn’t work out. Here’s what we put together from the stuff we had…. looking forward to filming more with you in the future Ozzy!

Music track “The Spice of Life” by “Level Headed”